Friday, March 6, 2009

Exciting stuff!!!

The first family has moved out of their trailer! PRAISE GOD!! On Monday of this week, the demolition of their home started, which was a big spectacle around camp. Seeing this trailer come down was amazing. Amazing to see God providing for the families here, amazing to see the dream of so many, finally coming to fruition! As an added praise to this week, $300,000.00 has been raised to finish the housing and get the rest of the families out of their trailers. Our family is scheduled to be moving in the next few weeks. We are a little behind schedule but we continue to pray for our safety. I am glad I don't know everything that was in the inspection report of our trailer because I like to sleep at night, and I am learning to trust God to protect us another night... And every night after, while we remain in this trailer. He has protected us for 5 years now and many other families for 20 years before us!

John and the Boys celebrating the destruction of the trailer!

The "footprint" of the trailer

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Jaime said...

Yeah!!! I'm so excited for you guys. I share in your joy and pray for your continued protection!
love ya!

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