Saturday, February 7, 2009


So, Good news.... 90 days have flown by for us and we are moving in the next few weeks. Yes, I know, the 90 days have not gone by in a week but for our family, we didn't have to wait until May 1st. The home we are going to move into will be opening up in the next few weeks. Pretty crazy!

I am so excited but also humbled and sad. Our sweet friends, Brant and Jessica, will be moving out of their beautiful home so we can be safely out of our trailer. It is so bitter sweet to me. I love their home and I love visiting them there, but now I feel as though I am kicking them out. They have assured me they have chosen to move into town and rent so we can enjoy their home but it is still a lot to process. The Sloans have also chosen to move out of their home to allow another family to move out of their trailer.

Please pray for the money needed to get the remaining 3 families out of their trailers. There is still so much work to be done in the next 90 days.

OH....and the bad news..... water is dripping out of the light socket above my computer. So I have a bowl on top of the monitor to collect the water. Maybe I won't miss this trailer!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

90 Days

I hesitate to write this entry as I struggle with my emotions. I am so excited yet cautious to get ahead of God and be let down. I have chosen to share my excitement and trust the Lord!

Last night we had a meeting here at camp to discuss our housing arrangements. Those of you that have visited us know that we, and 5 other families, live in old mobile homes (roughly 30 to 40 years old). We are so thankful for the housing but they have their "issues". Camp has been struggling to provide new housing that would replace the trailers but the money has not yet been raised. A couple weeks ago, we had an inspector inspect our homes to see what he can do to make them safe. As he went through each one, he found that they are irrepairable. Camp has decided they want to have each family out of their home in 90 days and they are coming up with a plan to provide housing for us. However, the money will still be needed to complete the plan.

We need your prayers for the next 90 days! We have made a plan and we will wait eagerly to see what God’s plan is. Money is not an issue to God as he will provide for all of our needs. So, Please join us in praying for funds, building resources, and wisdom. Praise the Lord for His protection over our homes throughout the years!

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