Monday, March 31, 2008

God's Timing

You're getting warmer...


You found it!!!

Praise God for revealing the location of both water main leaks just days before campers arrived!!! Thank you for your prayers.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Main Issue

There are endless things to be built and fixed at Camp Redcloud, however, with Wade on the injured reserve list, we are down one man. But the biggest blow, is the broken water main. Three staff homes, the dining hall, the office building and a couple of the cabins are without water except for 4 times a day when we turn in on for an hour. Most of the water from the tank ends up in the ground somewhere during that hour, but we are still waiting on God to reveal the location. Everything else at camp hinges on this issue, at least until a couple days ago. As the guys have been tearing up the camp looking for the 30 year old pipes (their many locations are also a mystery) we broke another one that turned out to be a blessing. They were able to put a split in it (for you plumbers, I obviously don't know the right terms) and restore water to the
kitchen/dining hall, offices and one staff home. Praise God for the ability to feed the campers when they show up in a week!!! What timing God has. This narrows down the locations, but now know that we have two breaks. One by the cabins, and one by the remaining 2 staff homes. Pray for these families, as when they do have water, it is a trickle and takes an hour to fill the tub. We know that it will take God
to locate the breaks under several feet of snow and ice. It is in His hands completely and it will happen in His timing.
Please be praying for John and his boss, Brant, as they continue to dig. Pray that they would not grow weary and that God would lead them to the breaks, so Camp can resume and other import jobs can get done. The coffee shop is still under construction after a year but work should resume as soon as this water issue is resolved.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Our new house guest

Last Wednesday night, my brother Wade fell while playing hockey, broke his fibula and blew out the ligaments that held the tibia in place. They had to take him into surgery imediately and put 4 screws in his leg. He is doing alright, but is in a bit of pain. His plan was to leave camp this coming weekend, but God obviously had different intentions for him. He cannot put any pressure on that leg for 10 weeks, so for now he is staying with us on our couch and I am kinda glad to not have to say goodbye to him just yet.

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