Thursday, September 20, 2007

Preparing for the snow

The Youth Camp Lodge just got a VERY needed, new roof. A construction crew from our Church in town had some down time, so they volunteered to help us put the new roof on before the snow. If you think snow is a ways off, we have already had snow on the mountain tops twice and a year ago today, we were sitting in 10 inches of wet, heavy snow. (we usually have light fluffy snow) So this roof is a huge blessing.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Crazy 3 weeks

Every year, starting with August 20th, we celebrate Ethan's Birthday, John's birthday, my birthday and our anniversary, all within a 3 week period. It is lots of fun, but straining on the budget at the same time (I am sure you understand). I just wanted to share some pictures from the last three weeks. John and I got home last night from our weekend away in Denver for our anniversary. It was a lot of fun and sleeping in!

Ethan's Party August 20th

John's Birthday August 25th

My Mom's Birthday August 27th (she was with us in Colorado to celebrate)

My Birthday September 1st

The Hyatt in Denver where we stayed for our anniversary
(Thank you priceline for the $45 room!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fall is in the air... offically

Today was Ethan's first day of Soccer. It was a day much anticipated and talked about non-stop for the last week. I have rarely seen Ethan so excited about something (Birthdays, Christmas and visits with family aside). It was shocking to me because my timid little boy was actually looking forward to something he knew nothing about, a coach he didn't know, a situation out of his control AND he would be separated from Mom and Dad. It is not that we haven't pushed him to do things in the past, it is just that it never happened without a fight. Ethan loved it. I loved watching him. the scene was hilarious. If you have never watched 4 and 5 year olds play a game they know nothing about, you are missing out. There are those 5 or 6 who are all over the ball, running the game. Then you have the majority of the team acting as "ball magnets," never touching the ball but drawn to the running crowd. They follow the mass of children the entire game, just happy to be running. Then you have those 4 or 5 kids picking flowers, grass and clover, or singing and dancing. My very favorite were the 2 girls, told to stand in specific places and kick the ball when it came to them. THEY NEVER MOVED! They remained in their designated spots the entire game, determined to obey the coach. Adorable (and obedient). Ethan loved it so much, he and John made up a song for the team about soccer.

Progress on the houses is going well. John is really enjoying the responsibilities of his job. He was meant to build. He is meticulous about his work. I enjoy watching him "do all things heartily as to the Lord."

Wade and Matt Lange have been working with John and moving along on some other projects around camp.

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