Thursday, March 12, 2009

Saying goodbye to a season

As long as we have been serving Camp Redcloud, John and Pat Sloan have served as our CEO/President. But to me, they have been more like our serogate parents/mentors/disciplers/family/serogate grandparents to Ethan/supporters/dear, precious friends. We love them so much, but their season at Redcloud is coming to an end. They will continue to stay involved and help in the summers; however, a couple of weeks ago, we spent 4 long days packing up their house to make room for another family. This has allowed the Burgesses to move out of their trailer (see previous post). It was a huge sacrifice on the Sloans part, but a very needed one. Camp now has a new CEO/President whom we are growing to know and love. The Jacksons are an answer to our prayers and, well, a new season, that God has placed before us. I am just having a hard time saying goodbye to the "Sloan Season." Why can't I have two seasons at once? The problem with calling it a season is seasons always come back around, usually every year. John and Pat will never fill their previous position as CEO at Camp, but I do hope they never stop filling the position they were to me and that I get to see that season every year! It has been such a sweet season with its storms and its sunny days. Thank you John and Pat!

Pat and I on Moving day (we labeled her shirt with a Hershey's Hugs paper that says, "hug me, hug me, hug me.... ")

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Jessica P said...

Awww, that made me cry. You always have been a hoarder!!

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