Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Handed Down

This spring, after our weather port (a.k.a. our storage shed) collapsed under the incredible amount of snow we got, I started going through our belongings. I had way too many baby clothes that I had saved in hopes of having another little one. Now six years later, no more little ones have come into our home and I realized that I have bin after bin of clothes I love but are doing no one any good sitting in a storage shed. It was incredibly hard to part with all the little outfits, but hardest of all was my baby furniture. I know I didn't HAVE to get rid of it but it was taking up a lot of space and I knew it was time. This does not mean I have given up hope of having another baby... it just means that it was time to stop planning on it. It was a really good process for me to go through and reminded me of how blessed we really are that God gave us the son we have. He is a beautiful gift from God as were all of the wonderful things people gave us when we had him and it was time to pass that gift on. Our Crib came from Walnut hill and the matching changing table came from Paul Quinn. It was so wonderful to see God provide for us then and that they matched!! That was not planned but a huge blessing for me! Anyhow... I ended up giving most of our clothes to a couple here at camp that were pregnant with a baby boy AND I finally gave up the crib and changing table. If God blessed us before, who is to say he wouldn't do that again! I know that he would! So just today I recieved an update to her blog with pictures of their nursery all set up! It is so cool to see someone else receive joy from the furniture, But it also tugged at my heart. Hopefully someday that will be me again, but if not, I am so thankful that God has given me the son I have. I wouldn't trade him for the world!

Ethan's old crib and changing table in Chester's new nursery


Jordan & Charity said...

hey this post makes me want to talk. i think you have some wisdom you could impart to me, like letting go? I'm being 100% serious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Brooke... it really was an answer to prayer for me especially!! Not to mention Chester absolutely loves his new bed :) Love ya girl.. thanks for sharing the blessings!

Jaime said...

I love you!!

Janelle said...

Aawww Brooke,that made me cry! You are such a strong and incredible woman!

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